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"With Exchange Hosted Services I have been able to unify my messaging requirements. I have access to my in-box from the web, my cell phone and Outlook - and everything syncs automatically!"

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Exchange 2010 Hosting:
 Unified, On-Demand Business Communication

Exchange Server 2010M2Technology provides Microsoft Exchange Hosting and Exchange Hosted Services with SharePoint as the Enterprise alternative to standard POP email.

MS Exchange Hosting offers unified, on-demand, business communication by providing direct synchronization of messaging, contacts and calendar information between your desktop, mobile device and Outlook Web Access (OWA). Learn about Exchange Hosting Features and the Benefits of Hosted Exchange.

Take charge of your in-box — M2Technology's Microsoft Exchange Hosting with SharePoint enables Enterprise level communication at a fraction of the cost!

Download the Exchange 2010 Hosted Services BrochureDownload the Exchange 2010 Hosted Services Brochure in PDF format (500K). You may need the free Adobe Reader to view this document.

How Much Do You Pay For Exchange?
 Eliminate Hardware and Maintenance Costs

Exchange 2010 offers advanced messaging capabilities that surpass traditional POP email services. However, designing, implementing and maintaining an in-house solution is costly and time consuming. In-house, Enterprise solutions have associated hardware, licensing, administration and maintenance costs — including monthly electric expenses.

View a Cost Comparison — In-house Exchange vs. Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange - One Plan, Great Price
 Free Setup, No Hidden Costs, Multiple Options

M2Technology's Microsoft Exchange 2010 Hosting and Exchange Hosted Services with SharePoint is convenient and easy on your budget. We offer an all encompassing plan at a great price.

M2Technology Exchange Hosting
 Hosted Exchange Pricing and Discounts

When you place an order for MS Exchange Hosted Services, you will automatically receive a discount based on the number of accounts purchased. When adding accounts to your order your shopping cart will automatically update based on the quantity ordered. The table below outlines the quantity discounts we provide.

Number of Accounts Hosted Exchange Pricing
1 - 20 Exchange Hosting Accounts: $10.00 per MS Exchange Services account
21 - 50 Exchange Hosting Accounts: $9.00 per MS Exchange Services account
51+ Exchange Hosting Accounts: Contact us regarding discounted pricing

Learn about Exchange Hosting Features and Exchange Costs.

Why Hosted Exchange?
 Enterprise Level E-mail and Collaboration

E-mail, online communication and business messaging are key components of your business. An effective e-mail solution increases overall productivity while helping to reduce your organizations' bottom-line.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Services allows you to avoid the expense of designing, installing and maintaining a complicated hardware and software infrastructure, while providing secure, reliable access to your business communications from multiple points of access including desktop clients, web access, and a wide array of mobile devices (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and Blackberry) — anywhere you have Internet access.

Exchange Hosting and Exchange Hosted Services

  • Sync between your E-mail client, Web Access and mobile devices
  • Maintain business contact information and messaging dynamically
  • FREE Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus by MailChannels and Cloudmark included
  • FREE 100 MB SharePoint for all Exchange users included
  • 99.99% Infrastructure and Application Uptime
  • Powered by Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • 25 GB Mailboxes — Dynamically allocate storage between accounts
  • Learn about the Benefits of Hosted Exchange and Exchange Hosting Features

Exchange 2010 Hosting:
 Features Designed For BusinessExpense Comparison...

WebReady Document Viewing:

A new option in Outlook Web Access 2010 allows Office documents (including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF) to be accessed as e-mail attachments or displayed as HTML through public folders, even if MS Office is not installed on your local PC. Access important information from any Internet connection.

Exchange ActiveSync:

Exchange 2010 offers improved direct push e-mail to ensure ActiveSync clients are able to receive messages on server connect. Other mobile-friendly features include:

  • Inline message fetch that provides the ability to download large attachments without reloading the entire message.
  • Information rights management which allows users with appropriate authority to view protected messages without being connected to a server.

Outlook Web Access:

The Exchange 2010 Outlook Web Access client (OWA) provides the same look and feel of the Outlook 2010 desktop client interface. Features and views are nearly identical, with performance being on-par with the desktop client. Thin-client deployment becomes a true possibility.

Smart Scheduling:

The Scheduling Assistant and Calendar Attendant allows Exchange to track the schedules of all meeting invitees as well as the availability of meeting rooms. Exchange manages all of this on the server, allowing meetings to be fully scheduled without all attendees' Outlook client being connected.

Improved Search Capabilities:

Microsoft has rewritten the search algorithm in order to boost the speed at which Outlook can find specific messages within large message stores. Administrators can utilize the fast indexing in multiple-mailbox searches.

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