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"Having a successful website establishes credibility for your organization, and the perceived value of your products and/or services."

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Pittsburgh Web Design:
 Creative Website Solutions For Business

M2Technology is a Pittsburgh web design company that offers a full range of affordable website solutions to extend your business to the Internet. An important part of what we do is to develop efficient business-to-client communication, stronger visual dynamics that foster your professional image, and functionality that allows your website perform to its fullest potential.

"We utilize current technologies and creative experience to develop informative, interactive, and aesthetically refined website solutions. We design with the notion that your website should grow with your needs - both today and tomorrow."

Custom Web Site Design:
 Establish Your Credibility

The Internet is a powerful marketing, sales and promotional tool, that offers tremendous possibilities for the growth and development of your business. Having a successful website establishes credibility for your organization and the perceived value of your products and services. Your website can be a highly efficient and effective component of your overall sales process. It's a business tool that can influence the success of your organization. However, a website can also be a drain on company resources:

  • If it is not designed with your visitors in mind
  • If usability and statistical tracking isn’t measured correctly
  • If management isn’t committed to maintenance of the site
  • If the site is poorly organized and doesn’t attract visitors
  • Web Design - Establish Your Credibility - Learn more at the M2 Blog

M2Technology works closely with clients to help them utilize the full potential of the Internet. We offer custom web design tailored to your distinct marketing strategy and information distribution needs. However, we are much more than a web design studio. We're a technology solutions partner that provides assistance with all facets of Internet technology - from website design to E-Commerce, to web hosting, search engine optimization and website maintenance. We offer technology support that ensures your complete satisfaction and overall peace-of-mind.

Business Analysis:
 Key Elements For A Successful Website

Does Your Website Attract Visitors?

The Internet offers an exciting potential for client interaction with your business. A professionally designed website is a tremendous marketing tool that will reach a greater number of potential clients than other forms of advertising combined.

A key point to remember is that your business identity is a vital component behind your clients' perception of overall value!

An effective design can increase your ability to reach your target audience and retain their loyalty. A poorly designed website can quickly sour your clients' perception of your company image, potential and overall value. We will explain why the design of your website can make it an effective marketing tool, and demonstrate how it can be among the best.

Company Branding And Image - Professionalism Is Key

In today's digital age, the development of your business identity on the Internet is an integral component of its marketing success. Web sites often fall short of successfully portraying the beneficial opportunities available to clients, through the relationships they develop with the company being represented. Effective web design demonstrates all valuable opportunities available to the target audience in a highly visible and easily accessible fashion.

M2Technology utilizes current design practices and cutting-edge technologies to create an effective and highly successful representation of your business in the digital realm of the Internet. We help you demonstrate your capabilities so that your clients will recognize the value of your business, and feel secure about the relationships they develop with your company.

Content And Multimedia - How Is Your Presentation?

M2Technology offers a wide range of content development services for companies that are in the beginning phases of marketing development or in the process of revamping existing marketing materials. We conduct a series of on-site client interviews that allows our marketing team to develop initial website content and website photography. We offer professional writing and web photography services, and our design staff can create personalized artwork, graphics, corporate logos, and Flash animations. We also integrate video for a fantastic opportunity to showcase your products and services!

Search Engine Optimization - How Will Visitors Find You?

Having a well designed and highly functional website is a tremendous marketing tool. However, if your target audience is not able to locate your business through typical search engine queries, the benefits your company holds become unseen to the uniformed. M2Technology offers search engine optimization services - SEO - to capitalize on the latest search engine intelligence. We target the most significant search engines that account for the majority of online search queries. By utilizing an effective search engine positioning program specific to your requirements, we can offer high-ranking search results with the top search engines on the Internet.

Website Maintenance - Keep Your Content Fresh

After the project is finished, M2Technology offers continual support well into the future. Our premier website maintenance packages offer continual website updates, allowing you to keep your website fresh, and always current. Typical updates can include new graphics, text changes or additions, new pages, or whatever else you would like us to address in order to keep your website content up-to-date for returning visitors.

Personalized Services

M2Technology works with clients to develop optimal web solutions that adhere to the specific needs of their organization. In addition to our website design services, we offer web hosting, osCommerce, osCMax and Ubercart E-commerce development and Drupal and Wordpress Content Management Solutions.

M2Technology will analyze your business requirements and formulate options that are specific to your company goals. Contact us to learn how we can assist you in developing, implementing and maintaining a website solution that meets your needs.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we provide web design, content management, website maintenance to a variety of industries. Contact us to learn more!

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